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Thank You!

There are so many people and organizations that supported this production as it made its way to the stage, and we could not have done this without all of them.
Firstly, we’d like to give a very special thanks to the Clinton Community College Drama Club for sponsoring the show and providing access to their theatre for rehearsal space.
Thanks to Arlene and Emily Favreau for props and Hank Racette for props.
Thanks to Christopher Urban for the loan of props, comm equipment, and sound support.
Thanks to Chazy Music Theatre for the loan of costumes and props.
Thanks to John Souranis, Sound Engineer for the recording of the CD. Thanks to Christopher Smith, arranger. Thanks to Alcee Chriss the Third for advice with the musical score.
And thanks to the audience who took a chance on spending an evening watching an original play performed by members of their own community. We’re honored that you entrusted us with your time and attention, and we hope we did you proud!