Liane is the producer for The Art of Living. Here, we asked her a few questions about musicals, the show, and assembling the creative team.

Q: What do you love about musicals?

A: The energy that everyone puts out is intense and you can feel it. The singing, the acting and the dancing are all integral parts of the production and when each segment comes together it is very, very exciting to see.

Q: Do you have a favorite?

A: My favorite show is Hamilton. It might be conceited to say but I identify strongly with the character of Eliza. Hamilton is like nothing I have ever seen before. There are so many creative layers to it. I love it. A close second is Wicked!

Q: What makes community theater so special?

A: The way that the community comes together for each production is heart-warming. These actors have worked together many times before and they are more than just colleagues. They are more than just friends. They are like a family and watching this family produce something from the heart is very touching. It’s special and unique each and every time.

Q: How did you get involved with The Art of Living?

A: I have always loved going to the theatre. I have seen many different shows in my life-time but when I read Dan’s play I fell in love. I devoured the script in a matter of hours! I thought this MUST be shown and shared with others and The Art of Living has become my passion too.

Q: How did you settle on The Strand for this production of The Art of Living? Did you consider any venues outside of Plattsburgh?

A: My brain is always working overtime. It constantly wants to connect the dots and get to the finish line on time. Ever since I knew we planned to produce The Art of Living I have been hunting for the right spot. I went to The Strand to see a play and as soon as I walked in I knew that The Art of Living had to be shown there. No other venue would do. The Strand looked, smelled and felt like there were ghosts lurking about. I just thought The Strand was the perfect fit for our play and I was determined to have it shown there. As well, I love old spaces that are loved back to life and The Strand has obviously been restored to its former glory with tender loving care. The place looks gorgeous. It’s the perfect time period and setting for the cast of characters of The Art of Living and I can’t wait to see the play performed there.

Q: Tell us about the process of assembling the creative team for The Art of Living.

A: There wasn’t much of a process in this regard at all. This play just seems to draw in the right people. The creative team has almost magically appeared with little provocation or push from me. The creative team is a group of people with a strong love for what they do. They all seem to believe in this original play. They recognize and appreciate a work of art when they see one and this has gotten everyone excited.

Liane Tusa is a mother, a wife and a daycare owner/operator. She has always loved working on special projects. Whether it be renovating an old house or creating a special environment for children to play she has been highly rewarded by these experiences. She loves to see the finished product and people enjoying the creation.

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