Sara is playing Gloria in The Art of Living. Here, we asked her a few questions about musicals, the show, and how she goes about getting into character.

Q: What was your first acting experience?

A: My first acting experience was through a young theater group at my local church. We performed a play, some originals and some classics, Midsummer Night’s Dream, James and the Giant Peach, each year. I started performing at age 8 and haven’t looked back since.

Q: What’s your favorite show?

A: It is so hard to pick a favorite show. There are shows that would be favorites to see, favorites to perform in or even favorite soundtracks to listen to. Gypsy will always hold a special place in my heart as I was incredibly honored to play Rose in CMT’s production; a very complex, entertaining show and character. I remember seeing The Lion King on Broadway and being amazed at the quality and magic it created. I love Rent, Chicago, Hamilton, Hairspray and the list could go on.

Q: What is your favorite thing about performing in a musical?

A: My favorite thing about performing is the different interactions created between other characters and the audience. You can control your own work, but it is so fun to play off of others’ reactions and different styles. Working with other actors and seeing how they build their characters helps create how you bring your own character to life.

Q: What’s great about community theater?

A: The feeling of family! The relationships I have built in the theater community are some of the strongest bonds I have and we are all so connected by a common love for theater. It is never just about the performance. So much work is done during rehearsals, behind the scenes and so far beyond that every single person has a hand in creating and building the show. You have a certain sense of responsibility and pride about being a small part of the big performance.

Q: Is there a part of the process you particularly enjoy?

A: I love working on a show and knowing it is a “once in a lifetime” experience, that the dynamics created will only happen with these exact people for this performance. It makes you appreciate the entire experience.

Q: What’s your favorite place inside a theater building?

A: The stage. There is truly nothing like it. I love the energy you get from looking out into an audience and feeling the connection. Just auditioning on the beautiful Strand stage gave me goosebumps.

Q: Do you have any particular techniques you rely on for getting into character?

A: As far as techniques, I try to create a story and motivation for my character that drives them through all they do. It makes them more dimensional; how they carry themselves, how they speak and interact with others. Just like in life, our experiences make us who we are and change us.

Q: Is there anything about playing Gloria that has you particularly excited?

A: Gloria is wild, fearless and has such a zest for life. A character like that is so fun to dive into. I am particularly excited to bring her energy to the stage and to play off of all of the different characters she interacts with. She is truly one of the most “alive” characters. I wasn’t a part of the first cast, but I was a member of the first audience. I was so impressed and entertained by this show, that when I heard it would be making a move to the Strand, I was excited to be a part of it. Working on an original production with original music with the people that put their hearts and souls into it, is a real “dream come true.”

Sara is excited to be a part of this amazing production and to be on stage at the beautiful Strand Theatre. Sara has performed in local community theater with Clinton Community College and Chazy Music Theatre. Some of her favorite roles have been; Rose in Gypsy and Mrs. MacAfee in Bye Bye Birdie. Sara works as a Homefinder at Behavioral Health Services North and is the current Board President of Chazy Music Theatre. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for putting together an incredible show and special thanks to Dan, Vivienne, Jackie and production staff for allowing her to bring this role to life. Special thanks to her family and friends for all their support and love, especially her boy, Finn.

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