Ayhan is playing Casanova in The Art of Living. Here, we asked him a few questions about musicals, the show, and what he enjoys about playing a renowned lover.

Q: What was your first acting experience?

A: My first experience was in a school play in high school called Bang Bang You’re Dead where I played the lead (aka school shooter in prison visited by his victims).

Q: What’s your favorite show?

A: My favorite broadway show is Phantom of the Opera. My favorite TV show is Flash on CW (because you can’t live on theater alone! haha).

Q: What is your favorite thing about performing in a musical?

A: I love the over the top characters.

Q: What do you love about community theater?

A: I love to get to know more people in town as a result.

Q: What part of the process do you like the most?

A: I love rehearsals and bonding.

Q: What’s your favorite place inside a theater building?

A: The stage!

Q: Do you have any particular techniques you rely on for getting into character?

A: “In the moment” method acting. As necessary.

Q: Is there anything about playing Casanova that has you particularly excited?

A: I am overjoyed to play such a boisterous and callous character because it’s nice to be out of your own skin every now and then.

Ayhan is from Sunnyside, Queens New York. He grew up with a penchant for entertainment. Even as a child he loved acting. His dad is from Turkey and his mother is from Ecuador, and they pushed him to do his best at whatever it was he did. Ayhan came to Plattsburgh for a year in 2005 before leaving to travel the world. He returned to Plattsburgh in 2010, met his soon-to-be-wife, and has been happier than ever since. His favorite role thus far was playing the lead in Bang Bang You’re Dead. That is until now of course :).

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